​Southeast American Native Industries LLC

Southeast American Native Industries

     This site was designed to educate people, share information about the five civilized tribes, discuss issues at hand, and provide people an opportunity to purchase products of this amazing culture that must not be forgotten. You will find a good selection of Southeast American Native Industries Flutes, Horns, and Jewelry. Native American jewelry can be special ordered however making that special item does not happen over night. Also coming soon is the Southeast American Native Industries Native American weapons line of crafts which will have Atl Atls, Blow Guns with darts, and other various weapons.

 Tim is a member of the Indian Arts & Crafts Association. To be an IACA member you must be a Federal/State recognized card carrying Native American. Also before a membership is approved the art and crafts produced are viewed to ensure accurate representation of the culture. Each member is expected to follow a code of ethics that assures high standards and quality.

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