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To the Native Americans the wolf is a sacred and powerful animal. He has the strength to stand alone. However, he is his strongest with his pack or family as we call it. Wolves are a social animal unlike how they are normally portrayed in stories. Wolves are known for fighting to the death in defense of their pack to ensure its survival. Wolves hunt tirelessly over 50 to 1,000 square miles to feed the other members of their pack. They are truly loyal to their own. 

For a warrior to be called a wolf is a high honor. The wolf, to a large portion of Native American people, represents values not many individuals possess. They are traits born to you and can not be fraudulently represented. Such traits are undying loyalty, personal as well as physical strength, stamina to endure the hardest of times, intelligence that teaches as well as leads his people, sharp senses that keep him aware of his surroundings, and a protector of truth.

It has been said that there was a time when the Native American hunted and lived with wolves in harmony. It is believed that during this time their souls touched.  

 You can not choose your "Spirit Animal" , the Creator does this for you.  We can not all be Eagles and Wolves. Simply because there would be no balance as the Native American believes in. As my grandfather would say, "it is as it is".

The Spirit of the Wolf

All animals play a role in the culture of Native Americans. The Native Americans studied animals and their habits closely. Often they copied an animals attributes and used them for life lessons. On this page will be some information about animals starting from the most common and popular to the less known. Understand this information is not the same across Nations and I am for sure not a historian. All information provided is through research across different tribes, stories told to me by Native Americans I meet and literature found during travels. Also viable feed back is appreciated.Because of research time they will be added slowly, and not in alphabetical order. So please check back and the animal you seek to know more of may at that time be on here.