​Southeast American Native Industries LLC

People often wonder why certain items are used in the construction of Tim's products and what they symbolize. So here is a short list of some of the things he uses and what they represent in most cases.

Lava Rock Beads: Some not all Native Americans used lava rock to make arrow heads for hunting. Lava rock is lighter than stone and therefore reducing drop over distance. They also used lava rock to grind corn down for cooking. These are tools for providing food important for survival.

Deer Antler: Deer was a large food source for the Native Americans and all portions were used for something. The Native American people did not waste or kill to be killing. The antlers are/were used for things such as: buttons, jewelry, gardening tools, knife handles, carved toys, and weapons. 

Animal Teeth, Claws, or Fur: There are several Native American cultures that believe by wearing parts of an animal provided them with the attributes of that animal. Capturing the essence or spirit of the animal sort of concept. Not to mention the furs were used as blankets and even a form of camouflage.

Buffalo Bone Pipe: The pipes are used for jewelry of course but the Buffalo means far more to the Native American than just jewelry. The Buffalo provided food, shelter, and warmth. Its meat fed many, its fats was used for cooking/making things, its massive hides covered the teepees of the Nomad like clans, and its furs were used as blankets to protect from the winter chill.

​Brass Beads: It is documented by European traders that they traded knives and tools with the Native Americans for their brass bead jewelry/ornaments. Native Americans are a proud people and it shows in their appearance with all their magnificent jewelry.