​Southeast American Native Industries LLC

11/7/13 8:44 am

Jack Curtis

Praise for your detailed work

The handcrafted flute you made is a work of beauty. I have shown it to many who now have the chance to order their own flute from your website. It was apparent the passion you have for your artistic design and workmanship. I am very pleased and recommend your American Native products to anyone who can connect with your passion.


Jack Curtis

​11 /6/13 6:13 pm

Andy King

Great Craftsman!

For anyone considering one of the Timothy House's products, I can tell you that you will be very satisfied with the quality and craftsmanship. I personally own a cane flute and gourd rattle with a deer antler handle - these are among my most treasured possessions. He is a spiritual man who puts much thought into his creations, and the quality shines as bright as his artist's creativity. You can't go wrong with Tim's genuine First American modern artifacts. 

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