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​Information provided by The Chickasaw Cultural Center and by Holmes Willis Lemon

The Chickasaw Horse​

The Chickasaw horse is said to be the Grandfather of the American Quarter Horse. Their earliest horses were captured from DeSoto. The Chickasaw traded horses with other tribes. During the war with the French the Chickasaw traded French prisoners for horses. It was a one for one trade. The Chickasaw horse was known by the colonist to be very fast and in 1792 the Knoxville paper advertised a Chickasaw stud by the name Piomingo for stud services. The book Outstanding Quarter Horse Sires by Frye lists the Chickasaw Horse as the true beginning of the Quarter Horse.

In the 1500s, Mapuche warrior Galvarino had both hands cut off as punishment for defying the Spanish. He returned home, raised an army and fought the Spanish with blades tied to the stubs of his arms.

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