​Southeast American Native Industries LLC

Tim is a man of high integrity and all his works of art reflect that. All of these items are made over a period of time. Some pieces take a week and others may take months. The raw materials are gathered from the wild (which may take months to find in itself). Then Tim takes his time to design, build and perfect each piece. So they are not made on a factory floor by the thousands. These are made as near to the traditional ways as possible one at a time. With each purchase a certificate of authenticity will be included. Also a product description and its symbolism will be included to give the new owner an understanding of the historical/spiritual value of each part that went into making the product. We apologize in advance, there are no duplicate items because Mother Nature rarely makes things in perfect pairs. 

Please make orders on the Order Form page, prices are on the price page, and go to the sound page to hear the Flutes/Horns be played.

American Native Crafts